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Since its establishment in 1994, Mycard has adhered to three principles of service management: good quality of Scratch card printing, rapid delivery and enthusiastic service.
We are one of the leading companies in Taiwan engaged in the distributions of a wide assortment of cards like scraping cards, strippable cards, multi-stripping cards, stamping music, back-scraping stickers, gift cards, password stickers, password cards, telephone cards, membership cards, identification cards, etc. The wide range of Scratch card printing products and the experience in technology expertise us to become the team leader in the industry.
Since the decade, MYCARD ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. have etched prints of your success within many organizations by effectively blending innovation and quality with every Scratch card printing product we deliver. These services are reliable and prompt in nature and can be effectively customized as per clients’ specifications.
Our clients can take advantage of these premium quality Scratch card printing services at the most affordable price range.

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As qualified and experienced Scratch card manufacturer MYCARD ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. could serve you the best

Want a promotional Scratch card manufacturer for your campaign? Mycard will give a satisfactory answer relying on the establishment of the fast and quality standard operation flow of output - plate making - printing - password printing - packaging.
At the same time being years of professional Scratch card manufacturer MYCARD ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. have their own factories and equipment also with the implementation of the management concept of complete control.
Our aim is to supply finest quality products such as ticket stickers, L-shaped folders, memory card cards, outer boxes, display shelves, big picture output, spray printing change information,etc. at reasonable prices to our customers. Usual to other Scratch card manufacturer Mycard’s target audience is basically the end-users worldwide, who are looking for reliable, safe, and reasonably priced solutions.

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Regardless of what your requirements are, whether big or small of Scratch card printing products, Mycard would be happy to deal with your needs and serve you to our level best unlike other Scratch card manufacturers.

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  • What is computer Scratch-off Lottery?
  • The prizes are all randomly encoding tickets with a series of computer-generated number or symbols,each prize has a random number of the corresponding code.

  • What is random-number corresponding codes?
  • We followed the govemment's Scratch-off Lottery,Each ticket contains an individual serial number composed of a series of digits or alphanumeric characters and we guarantee to have no repetitions.

  • How to ensure safety and faimess?
  • These games are all designed with multiple secruity feature (Entry access control,disposal centralized destruction) to prevent tickets from being counterfeited or tampered with.If there are duplicate quantities,or wrong titles for awards,we undertake to ensure the reputation of customer image.

    Mycard Co., Ltd. Service line: (02) 2222-9339