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Since the foundation in 1994, Mycard Co. Ltd. Has adhered to three principles of service management: high quality, rapid transit, and enthusiastic service. We have built up a standard operating procedure that provide rapid service and quality assurance: Outputting-Template producing -Printing-Password Printing-Packaging, we have our own factories and equipment to implement our business philosophy of fully controlled operation. Through years of technology and experience accumulated, Mycard Co. continues to develop and improve products, we upgrade equipment from time to time in order to improve production efficiency, and we were deeply recognized and acknowledged by customers and the industry.
In the recent years, in response to the advent of digital printing era and meeting the overall diversified needs of various customers, our company originally creates the specific algorithm, or mathematical process, to randomize the relationship between the serial and the awards. Awards are differently and variously. Whether it is Colorful Scratch-off Latex or Jet Printing Variable Data, we provide all kinds of card production in order to meet customers’ needs.
The company has passed the ISO27001 Data Protection Certificate of anti-counterfeiting identification. Information provided by customers is processed by the commissioner with the encrypted computer to protect from information leakage. We had a free app software for redeeming prizes to provide fair, fast and secure authentication services. Now, Mycard Co. has a long-term cooperation with major game manufacturers, franchise stores, and department stores. Today, we continue to grow by adhering to the tradition which is providing customers with highly professional services to improve the performance of our customers’ production, so that we can be anchored in the industry.